Shall I stay here at the zoo or shall I go and change my point of view for other ugly scenes?
Alphaville, "Big in Japan" from the album "Forever Young", 1984
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Organisation des Workshops Ethik und Moral in der Wirtschaftsinformatik / Ethics and Morality in Business Informatics (EMoWI) 2020 in Potsdam. Mehr...
Tätigkeit als Assistant Professor an der Universität Utrecht. Mehr...
Publikation Jens Gulden and Andrea Burattin and Amine A. Andaloussi and Barbara Weber, From analytical purposes to data visualizations: a decision process guided by a conceptual framework and eye tracking, Springer, 2019. Mehr...
Publikation Rehring, Kevin and Brée, Tim and Gulden, Jens and Bredenfeld, Laurenz, Conceptualizing EA Cities: Towards Visualizing Complex Enterprise Architectures as Cities, 2019. Mehr...
Organisation der Konferenz 20th Working Conference on Business Process Modeling, Development and Support (BPMDS) '19 in Rom. Mehr...
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